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The real estate market in Bulgaria is unexplored and offers unbelievable investment opportunities. The prices of the properties in Bulgaria are increasing with about 25% each year. With NATO membership and full EC membership scheduled for 2007, the time to invest in Bulgaria is now. We specialize in property sales of apartments, houses, regulated and unregulated plots and land. Our best properties are around the seaside town of Burgas situated on the Black Sea cost. Take your time and browse our pages to find more info about our services.

bnaa1About Bulgaria
Bulgaria is a politically and religiously stable country, and its economy has been stabilized since the introduction of a currency board in 1997.
Bulgaria is well-known for its beautiful nature, fine cities, lovely mountain regions, and the golden beaches of the Black Sea.

Low prices
Bulgaria is famous for its low prices and low cost of living. Average monthly salaries are in the 200 – 300 Euro range. And that is why most people from UK will find Bulgaria quite inexpensive. Of course there is a selection of rip – off bars where the prices are not different from UK prices.

But in general Bulgaria is very inexpensive. Eating and drinking in a good Bulgarian restaurant will cost you an average of 5-7 Euro.
A bottle of beer costs less that a Euro and a bottle of good Bulgarian wine cost around 4 Euro.
Prices of petrol are about what they are in UK, maybe a little cheaper.
Taxis are very cheap almost everywhere in Bulgaria.

The official currency in Bulgaria is “lev”.The Lev is pegged to the Euro at a rate of 1.95 leva for one 1 Euro. One can easily change cash in one of the numerous small exchange offices, usually for no commission. But it’s best to change in the banks. Travelers” cheques can be used only in the banks and the bank usually charges a commission of around 5 – 6 percents. ATMs are a common sight everywhere in Bulgaria. But it’s still best to bring plenty of cash to Bulgaria.

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