Variations occurs under a construction contract

ggiuiDo you think that building contractors want variations? Have you ever wondered if those builders are trying to find ways to screw their clients? Do you think they will do everything to earn that extra dollar from their clients?

These can be quite interesting questions. I don’t believe that building contractors want variations or they are trying to find ways to screw their clients with extra money.

Variation means any adjustments from the scope, specifications, plans, or contract in the construction project. This change is a common issue in construction projects. It is inescapable in any construction project and this issue will become more severe when variation leads to work progress to be damaged as a results it extend the construction cost and time that has negative impacts to the construction industry.

As the old saying goes, the only constant problem in construction project is change. A modification of an original design is nearly inescapable on any construction project, no matter what its size. Consequently, variations lead to disputes, and have a severe problem for project performance. Actually, projects can be totally derailed by change.

When bidding for a project, contractors should be informed the various ways where variations are handled under the various standard forms. You will find more risk in a variation clause. Variations in construction contracts are a typical reason for dispute. Such changes result in thousands of claims every year. Liability for variations is not just strongly related to claims for sums due for additional work but this will be a significant factor in some other construction disputes , such as defects, disruption, delay as well as project cancellation.

A guide from experts in this industry is important as they can advise you to solve these problems and have a role in directing, managing the variations claims in construction projects.

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