Unique Home Office Decorating Ideas

jyyyOffice decorating ideas can be easy or difficult to come by. The simple question that you need to ask yourself is what are your goals when redecorating your office. You can attempt to achieve any type of office decor that you can imagine.

I recently took an office of mine with a semi-modern look and transformed it into a Victorian working space by changing the wall paper, repainting, and installing some ornate antiques and furnishing items. I was quite pleased with the results. And it really did not take that long from conception to completion.

The first step I took in undertaking this remodel was to assess the present state of the furnishings. Was there anything that could remain, possibly reconstituted from the present office set up? Would I need to completely to a blank canvass and create something from scratch? What was my budget for the entire remodeling operation?

Often times I have found that budgetary constraints actually help my office decorating idea sessions and brainstorms. If I know that I can not afford to completely redecorate with new furnishings, I think of ways to repurpose  what I already have in order to make it match the new look I am going for.

This can be as simple as adding a new lamp shade to a neutrally based lamp and as difficult as re-upholstering a piece with some versatility to it. In my remodel I found that with a can of paint or a stapler or glue gun, most anything can be remade.

While this may not necessarily hold true for your office furniture, it almost certainly applies to accent pieces. So when brainstorming office decorating ideas, try to think of what it is that you already have at your disposal. A entire new battery of office accessories is often not cost-feasible.


One thing I like to do when brainstorming office decorating ideas is picture what I want the finished product to look like. There are many occassions when I can’t quite picture the room empty and bare. In this case, I can revert to the architects blueprints to picture the full splendor of the empty room.

When I can not locate the architect’s blueprint I would simply take a piece of graph paper and sketch the room to scale. I would close my eyes and picture the office with furniture in it, and then I would always draw the office without the furniture in it at all.

The task at hand is to seperate the office space from the furnishings that are presently in the office. I care little for my present desk or floor rug. I sometimes simply am uncertain just what it was that I was thinking when I first decorated my office!


But mistakes are not permanent. Walls can be painted. Old items can be repositioned. Remember the mantra here is that your only limitation is your creativity!

Other helpful hints I have found when coming up with office decorating ideas is to map out a rough budget for how much money you will have available for the project. Try to be realistic and don’t forget that in some cases, if you work from home, your remodel may be tax deductible — Consult your accountant before claiming any deductions, just to be safe!

I also am consistently amazed at how helpful home improvement stores like Home Depot and Lowes as well as craft and hobby stores like Michaels can be when beginning this process. At stores such as these you can find inspiration for design. At the home improvement stores you can browse lamps, ceiling fans, and rungs while at hobby stores you can check out inexpensive office decor items.

Just remember that it can often be satisfying to plan the finished office, once you have an idea of what you want it to look like, on a piece of paper. This will allow you to visualize the details of the creation before you begin the task of actually repainting or remodeling.

I have also found that no important decision regarding any of your office decorating ideas should be made without consulting your wife or husband, especially if you are dealing with a home office. If you are, instead decorating your office at work then there is little need to consult with your spouse.

Still, you will likely have a lot more latitude to remodel or decorate an office in your own home than one maintained by your employer.

If you are leasing your own office space, make certain that you have a solid understanding of the items in your lease regarding re-decorating your office. Can you repaint the walls with impunity because the last thing that you want is a disgruntled land lord.


Other notes that I feel I should pass on is that I believe that the best office decorating ideas are those that push the boundaries of what you are accumstomed to while still remaining functional. This can be a thin line to straddle, both pushing your design horizons and maintaining functionality.

I have often dreamed of making my office in the style of an african safari with mounted exotic animal heads and fine rugs of animal fur. However, besides being impractically financial, I have found that this kind of design was not conducive to a productive working environment and am therefore glad that I fully considered the impact of this type of remodel before I carried it out.

So, there you have it, some thoughts on office decorating ideas. If you have thoughts of your own on the subject please leave them in the comment space below.

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