Do You Focus on a Particular Investment Strategy?

When you begin investing in real estate property, how can you determine where to focus, what you should study? Normally, you cannot learn or even become skilled in all techniques and investment areas at the same time. So how can you start?

For all of us, single family properties were our main focus, and that is still true these days. I started there simply because that was what I learned. I occupied a single family home, had for the majority of of my life, and the most of my family along with the people I knew occupied single family homes. It appeared like the natural place to begin learning. I actually knew a lot about properties, like most of the areas that get into one and how long a roof structure or even heating and also air system really should last.

However perhaps you have had another area that you have been familiar with. Several investors like mobile homes or even mobile home parks. Once i ask why, it is said that they have occupied mobile homes or perhaps a family member commits to them or some other good reason that they are familiar and also confident with that investment approach.

Any time you do choose a strategy which is appealing to you, research and find out that particular strategy until you get better at it. Include more techniques as you go. It will help keep you from growing to be so confused by all the options real estate offers.

One more variation is that we began by concentrating on neighborhoods, locations where our goal is to own, instead of on a particular type of investment technique like foreclosures or even probate. Since we aimed at a few geographic locations instead of on a particular strategy, we grew to become skilled in numerous buying techniques.

Why? Because with marketing and advertising, you never understand who is going to contact or even which kind of deal you are going to run across. Our target should be to present an offer, a simple solution, to any person who reaches us. When you give attention to just one single strategy – like foreclosures or probates – too many offers are available that you must pass on since they just no longer match those narrow models.


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