Routine Maintenance can save your Air Conditioner from major repair

yuyuuuWould you like to reduce air conditioner repair costs? If you are looking to avoid getting your unit damaged, there are a few steps you can take to help you save money. These comprise of basic maintenance procedures that can be done on your own. You will find filters that must be checked, or washed, and even minor repairs that can be done on your own, if it doesn’t affect your product warranty.

The very first thing you should do before touching anything is to switch off the power to the Air conditioner. Many individuals neglect this, and this happen when trying to inspect things over because electrical shorts which can damage your air conditioner, or allow your body to get electric shock. It’s not enough to simply switch off the power of the unit itself, you should check the breaker the unit is on and switch it off.

You also must check the filter. Take out the access panel in which the filters are situated, and replace the filters periodically, at least every six months, more when you reside in areas which are dusty , or have many pollutants . A smart idea to keep you in the routine is to replace it once you first start using it, and when the very hot part of the season is over. For those who have a combination heating and air conditioning system, then you definitely must change it out at the same.

To prevent AC repairs, I highly recommend contacting a professional at to check your air conditioner at least every six months. They will make any replacement on the components, and do maintenance on the components of the air conditioner which are more difficult for you to handle. They also can troubleshoot the problems, and repair them before they get severe damage. Although it may cost an amount for this service , Actually it is much cheaper than having professional repair it as you were careless in performing routine maintenance .

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