Wraproof – the most effective solution for post-disaster temporary roofing repairs

guttuttFor many years, leaky blue tarps were used by many homeowners in Florida to temporarily cover the damage of the roof, but today roofs can easily be properly protected for about a year with WrapRoof while looking ahead to construction repairs and insurance settlements. The best part is, insurance providers usually will pay for this cutting edge technology, as it help them save money

WrapRoof was created by the company’s three owners: Spiro Naos, Larry Bond and Chris Mouris . Bond started his career at roofing company at the age of 12. He joined Mouriz, a general contractor, and also Naos, a project developer, to create a product for this roof damage repair that is significantly better than old blue tarps. Although FEMA explains the tarps are a 30-day solution, WrapRoof can guarantee against leaks for a year.

WrapRoof works properly as the entire roofs are encapsulated with fire retardant 12-millimeter polyethylene. This tough layer is installed on the building with unique techniques that remove the need for sand bags or nail guns, this means that weak spots are reduced. Not only does this make temporary repair stronger and safer against things falling on them; it also it also can protect structures’ contents.


That is why; insurance providers will pay for WrapRoof installations, as it protects residential and commercial buildings from serious damage until qualified roofers can perform permanent solutions. those who lives in areas at risk of severe weather realizes how long the wait could be for permanent roof repairs after natural calamities , and the need to almost instantly shield their home from serious leaks .

WrapRoof is the home and business owners’ solution for safeguarding damaged roofs against hard wind and Rain for up to 1 year. Wraproof is the best and most effective solution for post-disaster temporary roofing repairs of your home.

Wraproof can be installed in any type and size of residential and commercial building. You will discover photos of what WrapRoof looks like on its official website WrapRoof .com. Your home looks tidy, without any flapping edges and post-installation site will be done by its crews.

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