Shopping Donated Furniture And Benefits of Donating

jfhtAre you looking for a place to buy good furniture without spending huge money?  We suggest you walk into a shop that sells donated furniture. You will surely find quality and rarely used furniture that you fit your home decor at a reasonable price here.

Well, if you have a piece of furniture that you do not need, go ahead donating the same. Whether you are redecorating or are switching homes and need to get rid of your furniture- you can opt for donating your furniture. There are a number of organizations that accept furniture.

Read on to find out reasons why you should shop donated furniture and also donate your unused ones:

Shopping Donated Furniture – Quality Furniture at Lower Rates

A lot of these organizations which accept used furniture donation have shops where you can go buy the furniture. A big misconception people have when they think of buying from charities is that the furniture will not be in good shape.

However, the furniture which is donated to these charities will be in great shape and extremely affordable. A lot of people shift homes, move to another city or just need or make space due to certain commitments, because of which they have to give away their furniture. So, next time you are looking to buy new furniture and want to get the good stuff without blowing a hole in your pocket you must check out your local charity organizations.

Benefits Of Donating Furniture

Donating has several benefits for both the parties. It helps people in need get furniture which can turn their house into a home and it also helps the person who donates. It’s a win-win situation!

1) Help families in need

There are many people who are unable to afford basic essentials in their homes like tables, chairs and even beds. By donating your furniture which you do not need you will be helping provide families with these necessities and will be adding in making their lives more comfortable.

2) Less hassle involved

Finding people to buy your furniture means lugging your luggage to markets, fleas and other such platforms. Getting large furniture like beds, wardrobes and large tables can be a difficult and expensive task. This may also damage your furniture. Coordinating and managing all the inquiries that come for ads put up to sell your furniture can be a pretty time consuming and a hectic task.

3) Benefits the Environment

Old furniture can be refurbished and used by many people in their homes and office spaces. So instead of throwing your old furniture away if you donate it can be recycled or refurbished which helps reduce the waste that ends up in our landfills. So, by donating not only will you be helping people but also will be playing a big role in reducing environmental impact.

4) Save on Tax

If all the above factors have not already convinced you that donating your furniture is a great option, this one surely will. Did you know that if you donate your furniture to a recognized non-profit organization you are eligible to write your donation as your income tax return? This means that you will be paying much less tax at the end of the year by donating the furniture you do not need!

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