5 Easy Steps To Maintain The Shelter Over Our Heads

dgryr‘Out of sight, out of mind’ is something that we all are guilty of. As long as we see something that needs to be fixed or is in bad condition we do something about it- and if something is rotting but we cannot see it- until it completely crashes or gets destroyed we do not even realize. One such thing that comes to mind is the roof at our homes. It’s something we cannot see but is extremely important for our house to remain stable and functioning.

In case you see any signs of a damaged roof, immediately contact the best commercial roofing companies in your area. To prevent roof damage in the future, we have enlisted below a few simple methods to maintain your roof.

Steps to maintain your roof:-

1. Maintaining Shingles and Sealant

Keeping the shingles on your roof clean and free from dirt and debris can help reduce the risk of fungi, algae and other such harmful substances which can damage your roof. Replace any infected or damaged shingle to keep your roof healthy and intact.

Roof sealant is another thing you need to keep your eye out for. Replace the roof sealant when you notice any cracks. Make sure to get rid of the old sealant before applying the new one.

2. Overhanging branches

One of the biggest cause of roof damage is branches falling on the roof and damaging it. Keep a lookout for overhanging branches and make sure to remove any you suspect of falling. Trimming overhanging branches is also important as the leaves that are shed by the tree will collect on your roof and absorb moisture which will, in turn, result in rotting of the tiles on your roof.

3. Keep gutters clean

Clogging up of gutters is a big factor contributing to a large number of damaged roofs. Water which gets collected in these gutters can easily seep through the roof structure causing the roof to rot from the inside.

4. Chimney Maintenance

There is a motor placed inside or on your chimney which you need to make sure is in good condition. Any damage or missing motor can cause damage to your roof since the motor is responsible for holding the bricks in your chimney and if the motor is damaged or missing, these bricks can fall on the roof and damage it.

5. Keep a watch out for Rusting

In case your roof consists of any metal parts, keep a lookout for any rust formation. It is important to immediately get rid of any rusting. Wire brush, Prime and paint the rusted part to get rid of the rust and prevent any further rusting.

Roofs shelter us from the heat, wind, rain, snow and cold. Can you imagine having a house without a roof? No right? After knowing how important and unavoidable a roof is we must ensure to follow these simple steps and take good care of our roofs!

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