USA Equity Mortgage for first time home buyers


It’s a great time again to be a home owner, if your home value is over 100,000 and you need and equity loan, give us a call ASAP, Let us refi your existing loan at a great rate and cash you out on appraised value ASAP.

If you are a first time buyer and need help, let us get you your first loan, we will help you along the way.
If you want to do a reverse mortgage, we can set you up for monies needed in your retirement or that long vacation.

Just give us a call at 267-357-9450 and we will get you done or contact me at WITH CREDIT SCORES OF 620 CAN GET 5.22 RATE AND WITH CREDIT SCORES OF 760 OR BETTER YOU MAY QUALIFY FOR A RATE OF 3.43
If qualified, we can include your appraisal in the Refi or Reverse Mortgage. If you are in debt and need cash, give us a call today.

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