5 Living Room Decoration Tips You Should Try Out

ryry6The living room is one of the places where people spend most of their time when at home. And in a family, the living room is where all the members of the family congregate to enjoy their favorite movies and TV shows. Also, living room is also the place where guests are hosted. Given that the living room is such an important part of any home, it makes sense that you put an extra effort to maintain the space well. Below, we look at five living room decoration tips that you should definitely try out.

  • Layer The Lighting

Most homeowners tend to add just a single light source to their living room. Try adding a few more lights and layer the lighting. While a single light would have given a uniform, bland look to the room, multiple lights will give the room an attractive atmosphere. By careful placement and direction of lighting, you can make the room evoke any feeling you want.

  • Place A Rug

You should also consider adding decorative oriental rugs to your living room. An area rug with intricate designs can add a sense of mystery into the room, bringing the entire place to life. Do make sure that it is big enough that it covers a large part of the room. However, a rug should never cover the room completely. There should at least be a small gap of three or four inches between the walls and the ends of the rug on all sides.

  • Furniture Placement

Take a look at the placement of the furniture. Do they appear too close? If so, spread them apart and give the furniture some breathing space. When the furniture in the room is very close to each other, it can make the entire room look congested and evoke a feeling of uneasiness and irritation. By having adequate space between the furniture, you create a calmer feeling in the room.

  • Artwork

If you have any artwork in your living room, it must be hanged at the appropriate height. Generally, art galleries hang the artwork at a height of about 60 inches from the surface. As such, you will do well to follow this practice in your room. At this height, the artwork will appear at eye level for most people, which showcase the artwork at its best. If you place the artwork too high on the wall, then people will have to look up. And this can actually distort the impact of the artwork.

  • Color Of The Room

It is recommended that you use neutral colors when painting the living room. Neutral colors like white, beige, cream etc. create a very warm feeling in the room. And this is exactly what you want in a place where you will be spending time with your family, friends, and other guests. Some people might consider adding bright colors like orange, light green etc. to the walls. This is not at all suitable to a living room and is best used in your children’s room.

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