Vineyard – A profitable property investment in Oakland

gtupoA trip to Oakland will not be complete without tasting a local wine. Like other things in Oakland, wine scene is a bit unique. Oakland’s urban wineries are situated in renovated warehouse, but the wine taste is still unrivaled.

Vineyards have become a profitable property for investment. With the year on year growth of the Wine industry, grapes are getting to be increasingly more in demand. As a Buyer you may see almost everything from Winery and tasting room with vineyard offered for sale to farm land with growing grapes or even irrigated empty land which can make wonderful vineyard sites. There are actually vacant lands for sale which is well matched to grape processing and help you with soil tests and show you the most profitable investment for vineyard management in the area.

This property is a fantastic investment in Oakley. Great expansion prospects wait – if you have an interest in expanding the size of the vineyards, breeding cattle or even buffalo or planting other crops, Oakland vineyard is the right option for you. Also life is not all about work, you can enjoy when it is time to relax after full day’s work, you will have good options as well, cook a delicious meal at home , or even sit and enjoy the surrounding views of the vineyard . Your whole new life awaits at Vineyards!

You will be amazed with the profit you will get In the future when investing on vineyard today, as you can see at$4000-up-for-sale-in-oakley-for-$5m/3252543/ .


This Vineyard bought for $4,000 In 1930 and now it is up for sale for $5M. This vineyard is located in Oakley.  The vineyard is surrounded by tracts of homes, commercial and retail. The fourth generation of the owner is not interested in farming anymore and they are getting surrounded by housing so they decided to put it up for sale.

If you are interesting In buying this vineyard, you can contact their realtor Quintella Griffin at (510) 295-9298 .

The asking price is $5 million. So far, it looks like the grapes are going to go, with buyers talking about residential and retail or expanding the adjacent mobile home park or even turning this into a solar farm.


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