The safe ways to remove moss from your roof

Before and After Moss Removal
Before and After Moss Removal

Moss and fungus are commonly found on roofs in Vancouver. You will also find more moss and fungus on roofs in other areas without wet conditions, for the reason that such growths prefer wetness. Moss and also fungus growth would make roofs look uncared and will reduce your home’s curb appeal and value. The moss growth looks as black streaks on the roof and will increase very quickly. Moss do not damage asphalt singled roofs, however as they are so aesthetically displeasing, most home owners want to remove such growth. DIY roof cleaning is a hazardous job and must be done by roof cleaning company. DIY home owners having working experience on roof cleaning in slippery conditions must use careful attention when trying to DIY roof cleaning.

Removing moss using power washing machine

You will also find that some home owners use a power washer to perform moss removal. I have also found a controversy over whether power washer can deteriorate the shingles and also result into leaks. When you do this with care, a power washer won’t deteriorate an asphalt shingled roof. The most common thing that happens is that homeowners who perform power wash don’t do it in proper manners, and they let water to run under the shingles and flow into the home. Also, when done in incorrect manner, the force of the power washer can result in the shingles to crack or loosen. Power washing must be done by professionals and must be done not more than once a year as it will deteriorate or decrease the durability of asphalt shingles.

Removing moss using cleaning products

Moss removal with a cleaning product and water hose is the most effective solution for removing moss without any risks. You can find many cleaning products available on the market specially created to remove moss from roofs. However you need to stick to the instruction manuals when using such cleaning products. Before removing moss using roof cleaning products, it is best to contact the manufacturer of the shingles on the roof to make sure it has any sort of recommendations on cleaning such a type of roof.


When the exterior of your home has moss on it you need to ensure that it must be removed quickly. It will help keep your roof fresh and looks Cleaning moss is important as it can prevent from spreading to other areas at your home.

You need to consider the type of moss, seriousness of infestation, roof material, roof age, and also environmental conditions. When at all feasible, you must choose the technique which can be the safety on the roof and yet properly tackling the moss issue. For that reason hiring a reliable roof cleaning expert in Vancouver is important as they can perform moss removal and determine the safe moss removal solution to the roof. Quick Sidekick is located in Vancouver BC and their team can thoroughly remove moss from your roof.

moss on the roof

There are many benefits of performing Vancouver moss removal on your roof. The core benefit is that you will prevent damage from spreading. Not only will you extend the lifespan of the roof, you will also take care of a clean and neat look of your home. When moss has grown itself, it is a sign that the leaks and issues begin on your roof. Scheduling a consultation to Quick Sidekick is important to prevent your roof from encountering severe leaks.

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