Green living in Vinhomes Riverside


Vinhomes Riverside Hanoi is considered as eco urban development. Villas of Vinhomes Riverside are available at a huge range of luxurious services and superior amenities. This complex is flawlessly harmonized with the eco friendly parks and lake. You will see Vincom Plaza – a mall which is situated within the facility for shopping needs. you will also find facilities for all your family ; especially for your kids such as International School , Five-star gyms and swimming pool , mini Golf course , fitness and sport center at Vinhomes health club etc .

Vinhomes Health Club with all-encompassing international-standard technology, providing therapy and also fitness programs, supporting new way of life for residents. People of Vinhomes Riverside are provided ten years of free membership for all villas paid for this fee upfront. Therefore when you rent a villa in Vinhomes Riverside you will also get free membership that belongs to the landlords.

Those who live in villas are also provided the cleanest water supply, which is filtered by Vinhomes Water purifier with high standard under a healthy control. It is difficult to find a system like this in other places except in Vinhomes Riverside.

With clear canals and so many eco friendly gardens highlighted with various colours of nature and also modernized architectural complexes along with public amenities, Vinhomes Riverside gives its residents an excellent, relaxed and luxurious place to live; and delivers various amenities which make it develop into the first metropolitan areas in Vietnam much like other modern, high end urban areas on this planet.

Most villas in Vinhomes Riverside provide you with an excellent selection of a perfect home for your family. Especially , with the “Villas for Lease” program with a lot of amazing incentives , Vinhomes Riverside give your family a good chance to take pleasure in and enjoy an upper-class way of living in a luxurious , fancy and beautiful space.

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