Expert Tips To Ensure Your Curtains Are Well Maintained

fghdd9Curtains, apart from being functional, are also an important aspect of home d├ęcor. A lot of effort and time goes into selecting and designing the perfect pair of curtains, best suited to your home. Over time, curtains wear out due to sun damage and regular wear and tear and soon it might feel like you need a new pair.

But, that can be avoided with proper care and maintenance of the curtains. Regular care can enhance their life. If done the right way, maintaining them is quite easy and hassle free. Below are some essential tips which can help a great deal in caring for your curtains.

  • Check the Care Instructions

First and foremost, while caring for any upholstery, it is important to check the care instructions. Most of the time people ignore the care label, assuming their method works best. Since there are plenty of varieties in curtains fabrics it is wrong to assume that one method would work for all. So before trying and thereby ruining them, by cleaning without instructions, Please read and follow the care instructions mentioned.

  • Vacuum Cleaning

Dust and pollution are number one culprits for wear and tear in any household. Curtains being so close to the window accumulate a lot of dust. Thus, regular vacuuming is ideal for preventing dust build up on curtains. While vacuuming, make sure to do it lightly with a good quality brush. One session every fortnight is enough to keep your curtains looking as good as new for a long time to come.

  • Protect From Sun Damage

Sunlight is another detriment to the life of your curtains. Direct sunlight can be harsh on light colored fabrics and cause them to fade sooner. It affects darker ones too as dark colored fabrics attract light and thus lose their luster over time. The easiest way to avoid this is to line the curtains. Using cotton based fabric in light color, preferably white, works best. The extra layer works to absorb maximum sunlight and make your curtain last longer.

  • Opt For Steam Cleaning

Though regular washing works for some fabrics, it is better to steam clean them. It is an ideal option for delicate as well as machine washable fabrics. A steam cleaner removes dust and grime by emitting steam which loosen the dirt. It works just like a vacuum but instead emits steam. Steam cleaning is ideal for regular dust and grime, but it may not work on very deep stains. For those, the ideal option is to spot clean. Instead of washing the entire curtain, you can just take the spot and wash it with detergent.

  • Iron Them Patiently

Often, even if cleaned properly, there are some factors that prevent the curtains from looking perfect. Usually, improper ironing is the reason. Ironing huge curtains is another task. If you want to save on laundry bills, you can iron them at home. But doing so is not a simple task, since they are huge and delicate, and require a lot of patience while ironing. An important tip while ironing your curtains at home is to iron on the reverse side. This prevents damaging the fabric.

But if all this is too much work for you, you can always use a steam iron.


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