Curtains – A Canvas for Your Interiors

Curtains are not just about ensuring privacy or controlling the light in the room. These versatile pieces of fabric add to your home decor. There are so many designs and patterns to choose from, and the fabric and texture choices contribute to the finish. Whether you are decorating a classical layout or a minimalist clean-lined room, there is a curtain for every occasion. Here are some things we all need to look out for when we are shopping for curtains.

Curtain Shopping Tips

The durability of a curtain fabric is a common concern. You do not want to pick up something that would lose its colour in a few months. If you have pets, flimsy fabrics will not do. The ideal thickness of your curtain depends on which room you are buying it for. Private spaces like a bedroom would work with denser fabrics, while for a common living area; many opt for curtains that allow in a fair amount of light.

If you want to blend your aesthetics with some pragmatic choices, then choose easy-to-maintain curtain fabrics. Yes, we all love the feel and look of silk curtains, but we should also be prepared for some extra time spent on keeping them in top shape. Linen fabrics are also another high-maintenance choice. Polyester fabrics are on the other end of the spectrum, a very easily maintained material. They are also resistant to shrinking and wrinkling. Lastly, do not mess up the measurements, lest you end with really small curtains or oversized pieces that drape over your floors.

Popular Curtain Designs

Find curtain patterns that compliment the upholstery and interiors of the room. They can be matching tones or attractive contrasts. Spaces with large windows and a lot of natural light look better with similarly toned curtains. It is always recommended that you add blinds, rather than choose a darker coloured curtain fabric. Some of the patterns you need to familiarize yourself with include floral patterns, chevrons, basket weave designs, and brocade. The retro-style flame-stitch pattern and geometric designs are also making a comeback, ideal for casual spaces.

Playful designs with a multi-coloured palette will add some zest to a casual living room or the kids’ area. If you have a heavily furnished room, then it is always wise to opt for traditional curtain designs. Heavy drapes with rich, elegant patterns fit in well.

Quality Factors

Buying fabric is all about understanding the granular details. When you want to gauge the quality of a fabric, the thread count is a great way to go about it. For example, a thread count of around 500 would result in a silky and soft texture. However, a combination of low-quality thread with a high thread count does not guarantee a good fabric. Therefore the quality of the fibre is another aspect that you should factor in.

Top brands like Clarke Fabrics are a popular choice for many home decor experts, boasting a large set of exclusive styles and designs. From classic motifs to solid tones, you can enjoy browsing through a universe of combinations and colours. Have fun exploring curtains and elevate your interiors with the right choice.

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