Commission Advances for Real Estate Professionals

If you are a real estate broker or agent, commission advances can help your company to manage the critical cash flow to operate properly. Getting a real estate commission advance will help you reduce the stress of having to pay monthly bills on time, paying the salary of your employees, and not having the capacity to pay money for advertising and marketing. A commission advance makes it possible for real estate brokers and agents to transform future commissions into cash for a fee determined by the closing date. Many companies providing this solution don’t require a credit assessment.


If you deal with a Real Estate Agent Commission Advance like Legion Funding, your commission advance will be offered at the Most competitive fees in the Nation with very fast turnaround service. Legion Funding is the most suitable short-term funding solution: alternative options such as loans or credit cards which are usually more expensive and/or a longer time consuming. With Legion Funding you will get your commission advanced at a reasonable rate and within 24 hours.

They purchase your commission at a fair discount, so that you can transform your upcoming receivables in to cash today. Such cash flow service allowing you to have early use of your commission to help you to focus on growing your business.

J.Bradley Hilton of the famous Hilton Hotel family and he is grandson of Conrad Hilton founded Legion Funding. Legion also introduced its Commission Advance Program that allows real estate brokers, agents, and appraisers to instantly access a significant portion of commission and fees due from a pending transaction.

The company is dedicated to alternative investment methods through various portfolio companies and funds that Legion also has, holds or manages equity stakes in, and can capitalize any real estate business for larger scale funding .

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