Properties investment in Africa

The fast growth of Africa’s cities results in a demand for greater volumes of residential and commercial real estate. This large human population boom is the main reason for the large demand for places to stay as well as real estate across Africa .The birth of the urban middle class pushes retail property construction, especially as fashionable shopping malls expanded across the continent.

An increasing number of multinational companies are trying to find office space in the greatly growing cities. The growth of local tech hubs and also gas and oil sector generates job opportunity without any places to stay for the employees.ghqq1

Africa’s human population boom can be a burdening aspect on Africa’s cities. An urge for large scale cheap housing, high class properties and all in-between comes from the variety in the increasing populations, such as middle to high-income natives as well as young entrepreneurial. The growth in Africa’s property is a tempting opportunity for investors to become profitable property owners.

For more details about property listing in Africa, you can visit , which is the first network of real estate websites in Africa. They are currently operating in these markets: Swaziland, Lesotho, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Somalia, Botswana and Seychelles.

Properties investment in Zimbabwe

One of the countries in Africa which can be your first property investment is Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe is a country that gets mixed impressions amongst a lot of people. Typically the people of the country are friendly, gentle and stay away from any conflict where ever possible. And they are really good hosts and this means they are really good at tourism. The Harare, the capital city of Zimbabwe has been nominated by an international census that the city has the most excellent weather in the world.


Many factors that make Zimbabwe can be a good alternative for Property investment decision in Africa. The rise in value in the last 10 years has been stable in a time in which the country is actually subjected to extremely difficult conditions and poor sentiments. Signs are heading towards a much more solid environment and the greater growth is practically assured.


You can find many types of property for sale and for rent in Zimbabwe at and they are usually still affordable which varied from Low to high density residential areas. Most of them are within walking distance of the shopping center and the driveways along with other standard resources such as power supply, sewerage, water, are in working condition.


Properties investment in Zambia

Another country to invest profitable property is Zambia. This country has shown steady economic growth every year, foreign investment in the property sector has resulted in the creation of jobs, improved entry to housing and rental, office and also industrial property in the commercial field of Zambia.89ii

Investments from leading economies like South Africa and China, along with continual investment in the agriculture and mining sectors are making sure the need for commercial and residential – industrial property,

This growth in the property sector is not only in the capital city. You will see considerable investment planning to go for other cities in Zambia. You will find that new housing units are being constructed; . Such investments will also be allocated in the construction of office, retail as well as industrial property as the province seems to provide a self-sustained economic condition for its people. If you visit there are many types of properties available for sale and for rent such as apartments, condominiums, houses, farms, plots of land, etc.


Zambia still offers great possibilities for growth as interest in office and retail complexes, along with housing units, must be met. The country still stays on the cusp of continual population and economic growth, two aspects which are essential to making an investment in the property of Zambia.

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