Licensed Real Estate Agent

The ownership rights change hands quite rapidly these days unlike in the past when people were not buying and selling property at such a furious pace. This situation demands services of a knowledgeable person who knows all about the laws pertaining to ownership. These experts or professionals are known as real estate agents who assist in buying and selling of property. Real estate agents are persons who can be trusted in any deal involving buying or selling of a property. They oversee effective and peaceful passing of title from one person to another.

Licensing of real estate agents developed to protect the interests of both the buyers and sellers. When a real estate agent is licensed, a buyer or a seller can be sure that the person is an expert and knows all the laws relating to sale of a property. Licensing laws for real estate agents are diverse and differ from one state to another. These requirements pertain to age, education, types of exams and whether courses are required to be taken to become a licensed estate agent. Also fees of these agents differ very much in different states of the country.

To provide protection to the consumers, whether they are buyers or seller, a National Association of Realtors was formed. NAR members are bound with a strict code of ethics and standards of practice. NAR also conducts courses, which members have to pass every year in order to be eligible for their license.

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